This is Leviton’s part of Leviton’s green line (referring to the color of the LED) of Decora Home Controls. The green line is manufactured by Leviton whereas the older red line was manufactured by X-10 IAW Leviton\’s specifications. It is a 600 watt dimmer with Intellisence, an gain control circuitry, meant to reduce X-10 power-line issues.

Basic Functions: The switch itself when installed is non-descript, and functions like you would expect. The top side of the rocker turns the light on and when help brightens the light. The bottom half of the rocker turns the switch off and when held dims the light. When turning the light on its ramps the light on to the last set dim level (memory dim) and the ramping is meant to extend light bulbs effective life (light bulbs usually burn out when being turned on).

Installation: The install was a breeze. The switch learns x-10 address by pressing a button with a paper clip, and sending an X-10 address you want it to operate with. I recommend hiring an electrician if you are not one, or if you are the homeowner and are not comfortable with electricity.

Long Term use: I have used the switches for years, and even though I install UPB in my consulting business, the Levitons switches work well, and have not failed. I would never use these switches in areas that your guests would use sch as bathrooms and guest bedrooms. This is due to observing difficulty in guest using the switches. They do have a learning curve. For these areas, I would use the relay (non-dimming) switches and use CFL bulbs. This way the are still automated but easy to use without teaching your guests! I have noticed a tendency for the light to turn on to the dimmest level, if your tap too long when turning the light on, and is frustrating.

Overall: Great switch to step up from X-10 branded switch. Great manufacturing, decent price (~$40 each) and easy to program.