I recently completed a project in Philadelphia using a large quantity of the speakers. The were 6 rooms of stereo distributed audio and a Home Theater Room. Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the speaker and the quality of construction.

If you are not aware of these speakers uniqueness, they are installed before the Sheetrock. They are a panel installed in a standard 16″ on center wall. you wire them up and test them prior to Sheetrock installation. Although a trick was to purchase or fabricate plywood inserts for use during the actually Sheetrock installation to protect the speaker, and then replace the inserts after the Sheetrock has been install but prior to mudding, painting etc…

They can be painted or wall papered, and you don’t know the speakers are there when not in use and hard to find when they are. We actually installed them in the ceiling as I was concerned about damage from accidental picture hanging or other products we install in our homes wall.

The home theater was done the same way, we installed a 7.1 surround sound system. The bass element of the 7.1 were also in wall speakers. The company makes a pair of speakers which allowed us to separate the bass on both side of the sound stage. Again, Overall I was impressed. One of the bass speakers needed some touch up due to lack of attention on the mudding and painting, but it was an easy fix. We also installed the amplifier made by Stealth Acoustics to power the bass speakers, and found out the amp has plenty of power and maybe too much. We had to ensure the bass speakers would not blow if they homeowners cranked up the music to max volume, and to ensure a good balance of bass to the rest of the sound stage.

When you walk into my clients home, you can see no speakers in the house which is amazing. The sound quality was outstanding, especially considering they are in the walls. Our interior Designer was thrilled not to have speaker to work around and be a distraction against there design work. The speakers are able to fill the volume of the home with music and ease. The great room area which consisted of the home theater, living, dining, and Kitchen sounded great.

I would highly recommend these speakers, and will likely recommend them again in the future.


Built Green Note: I included this in the built green category for Northwest states. One of the Built Green objectives is using materials locally sourced. Stealth Acoustics is a Washington State based company and the manufacturing facility is in Mount Vernon about an hours drive north of Greater Seattle.