Niveus and ATI have announced Cable Card tuners for the Media center PC’s. This is good news as we can now watch, distribute and record HD content throughout the home. The inherent downfall I see is that it alienates the current MEdia Center PC owners.

They have two requirements. One your machine must be Vista capable, Ok I can live with that, my PC I just bought is Vista Ready (dual core processor and 2 GB memory). Second the motherboard must have “OCUR support in the BIOS and support for HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection)” The Tech Report.

From my interpretation, they are selling an internal and external versions, however, they both work on the USB2.0 bus. So that can be good news for those that do not have any slots available for new cards, provided your motherboard is OCUR compatible!

ATI Tuner Card is labeled as ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner Source: ATI Press Release.