Mavromatic brought to my attention a new Wireless Tablet that will communicate directly to a Z-Wave network. I am intrigued to see how quickly this gets adopted by software developers. I can see it now several new companies emerging to provide a GUI based home automation system. Although I doubt the storage onboard the tablet will be significant enough, an off board embedded processor could be.


Photo from Mavromatic.

I have long wondered who which technology will be the leader in the wireless field. Z-wave looks to have the largest support, ZigBee seems to be adopted by the high-end manufacturers, and when I looked at the technology Insteon looked to be the simplest and the cheapest. Insteon Switches are half the price of Z-wave switches. However in the past we have found that the best technology is not the right technology. (I.E. VHS and BETA, I have been told BETA tapes are better in terms of Video Quality, but VHS got the popular vote)