We already discussed the energy savings of CFLs. However when designing mood lighting we want the old incandescent light so we can dim the lights to create moods. Did you know they make dimmable CFL lighting?

However if you still like the incandescent lighting there is still hope. Using lighting controls we can turn the lights on to 80% and you get nearly the same light output but saving electricity.


In utility spaces you can use inexpensive motion switches that turn the light on when you enter the space and shut off 30 seconds after you leave, but these are not good for living spaces as they do not work well when you don\’t move while watching TV.


Using lighting controls adds convenience and safety. Lighting is the number one deterrent of break-ins. In addition they provide peace of mind when you return home at night by automatically lighting pathways as you enter your home. These systems can also provide safety, at night time we can automatically turn on hallway and stairwell lights to a minimum level so you are not blinded with your night vision, wake others up, yet still see sleeping animals, toys, or other possible obstructions in your path. It doesn\’t stop there, when integrating lighting systems with other home systems the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


Lighting systems are not necessarily expensive, a single room can cost as little as $100 to whole home systems being $2000 and up.