I have been an installer of Russound for several years, and it is my preferred Audio Distribution system. I really like the integration with HAI products, and of course Architechtronics built the Chameleo Audio so you can integrate the Russound R-Net systems with HD matrix Switches.

In early January I sold my first iBridge to a customer and was very pleased with the simplicity of installation and the professional look and feel of the product.

The package included everything you need for the installation. We were installing it in the den next to the computer but the Russound CAV 6.6 was located in the Home theater room. Using an existing unused Cat5 cable we terminated it to both the dock and the R-net interface. It did not work the first time I powered it on, however after another glance at the installation instruction, I realized I had not set the source number I assigned the iBridge to prior to powering it on. I cycled power to both the dock and the interface and viola everything was working.

The fit and finish was great, My client had a new 80GB iPod Video, and although Russound did not say it would work, it worked fine. The iPod screen had a clean Russound logo, and said we could disconnect at any time. I was very impressed with the integration and operation from the Uno-S2 Keypads. The Uno-S2 Keypads allowed you to select play lists in a next/previous fashion, and select which songs in a next/previous fashion. It allowed you to pause the tracks as well. Also another nice feature when power up a zone or plug in the iPod the keypads tell you the name of the iPod as it was configured with iTunes.

All in all, it was a great product well done. I highly recommend this as a great option or cost saving alternative to a media storage system. Really how many people can accumulate, organize, and listen to over 80GB of music? Me, I have a Ipod Nano and with all my audio books and music I am only at 8GB!