You heard me right, you can save money and help the earth be a little greener by using a digital cable card instaed of the digital cable set top boxes. To be honest got this idea from this months Home Theater Magazine.

See the set top boxes use 8-13 watts of power on standby, just waiting for you to turn it on. The cable cards don’t use any electricity when the TV is in standby waiting for you to turn it on. The boxes are big and ugly to boot. The downfall… your TV must be able to accept and use a cable card. So if you bought a new higher end TV in the last few years give the set top box the boot and save $10.50 per set-top box per year, or for you Seattle Coffee Drinkers about 3 Starbucks Lattes! On top of all that you will have reduced you contribution to the green house gases by 251 lbs of CO2!