If you visit your local power company, you should be able to find information about how you can generate your own power and connect into your utilitiy distribution system. It’s called net metering and it allows excess electricity generated to be credited to the consumers next energy bill (at retail pricing).

Brett covered in a section of his presentation last Monday—Zero Energy Homes. The concept is that you not only move your meter forward when you use energy, but move it backwards as you produce electricity from a source such as solar. You may wonder, can you use your current meter? That depends, but many are compatible with this type of service.

I think we’ll be seeing more and more options like this nationwide throughout the next couple of years. I hope that there are enough incentives for it to take off and be a feasible option for homeowners to utilize renewable resources to their advantage.

For specific details of this program and how to get started please visit Seattle City Light or Snohomish PUD