All homes in the US have an electric meter. Since this is how we are charged for our consumption it makes sense to use this as a measure for products electricity. We can then evaluate if making the change to a new product will benefit the earth in reduced consumption and ultimately will it at some point pay for itself through saving in our utility bills.

When we are shopping for products, unfortunately they do have a “nutrition facts” label like we see on food products. All consumer electronics that plug into the wall will state their max input amperage, this is the number to compare by. If you are interested in finding out the amount of power a product uses you could use a product like the “Kill-A-Watt”, and the “Watts Up” meters.

How does it work? Simply plug one of these devices into a three-prong grounded wall outlet, plug your appliance, computer, lamp, or other electrical product into the monitor, and you’ll find out how efficient (or wasteful) they really are.

Do you have one? Post comments here with your findings…