OK, so this is the first consumer Media Center with HD Cable Card Support. Niveus Media Centers have been around for a while longer but are also 2-3 times as much (not a complaint), Niveus caters to a higher end boutique market.

I read about the VAIO-XL3 in another post that reviewed it as a PC and gave it poor reviews. I was disappointed in reading this review because it did not review it in the manner this PC was meant to be used. In example, you review a new dump truck and give it poor reviews because of its slow acceleration time.

So I ordered my first VAIO-Xl3 for a client, and was dissappointed that it was DOA. I opened the box, and connected it to the computer for Comcast, so they could install the CableCard. All I got was a black screen displaying VAIO on the TV. I power cycled it and basically got a random set of 3 results, The VIAO screen, a typicall tone for no keyboard found, and than a continuous long and short beep.

This is where I can give praise to Sony. Sony Tech support said this computer qualifies for Free In-Home Warranty support. I opted to bring it to a local warranty repair shop instead. The Sony Tech support helped me locate a localshop.

I will report further when I get the PC back, and am able to turn it on!