Let me introduce myself. I am Richard Chase, the new Technology Integrator at Architechtronics. My past experience installing satellite systems allowed me to start installing more high end home theater systems. I found out that that’s what I was passionate about.

Although I always liked putting in the systems, I realized the best part was putting in the components and learning the best way to install a system that makes the customer excited about the technology in their home. Most customers never see the wiring in the attic or crawl spaces but they all interact with the components in the living room or home theater room. That’s where you can show them just how cool the electronics that they purchased are.

By knowing all the best electronics and the best way to put them in, it give me even more ideas for the next customer (and even myself!). Lets face it, what guy doesn’t love his electronics?!

Technology is where all the fun is. Ever since I heard the movie theater sound in the home—for me, it’s all about the home theater. I am finding out that the equipment is not necessarily the problem, even though you can spend thousands of dollars on certain screens and speakers. It the space that you need the most…the rest is the fun part!