CES, one of the largest tradeshows in the world features all types of home electronics. But this year, with green living gaining a strong presence—they are making this a major focus of the show.

Today, in the Seattle Times, there is a lengthly article highlighting some of the home automation products at CES that are testing products for green living applications. One of the most popular products we install at Architechtronics is featured in the article.  Here’s a snippet from the article.

That’s why home-automation maker Control4 Corp. is testing ways for electricity providers to subsidize “smart” meters that help people recognize expensive peak power times in which electricity reductions are most beneficial.

One idea being tested is to give people a “utility channel” on their TVs that shows their homes’ real-time energy consumption and how the monthly electric bill would be trimmed by certain tweaks – like turning up the fridge a few degrees.

“If the consumer can have an interactive experience with their home, then they can actually start to reduce their energy usage in a way that has a huge impact for the utility company,” said Will West, Control4’s CEO. His company will be part of a panel discussion of the subject at CES.

Read the full article “CES to Highlight Tech for Greening Homes” by Brian Bergstein