March 27,2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) Exclusively, Architechtronics will provide technology at One Main Street Condos and every unit will include wiring throughout for networking capability, guest access control via sleek touch screens, and lighting control in select rooms. Each unit at One Main Street Condos is also pre-wired, providing homeowners with the ground work for future upgrade options including: expanded lighting control, music distribution throughout the home, temperature control for energy savings, custom family media rooms remote monitoring, and more.

Brett Griffin, Co-Founder of Architechtronics comments, “We love technology. But… what we love even more is the ability to work with our clients to make their home technology decisions as easy and enjoyable as possible. We are confident that new homeowners at One Main Street will be excited with the endless possibilities for their home technology experience to be crafted to fit their lifestyle.”

Lagotek CEO Eugene Luskin says, “The biggest challenge of home automation industry is not the technology – it’s finding the right partners that can install and support the system. We are very impressed by the level of knowledge and reliability of Architechtronics specialists. Together we will bring automation into every room and into every house in the Seattle area.”

Future homeowners can see the Lagotek technology featured at the One Main Street presentation center at 136 102nd Avenue Southeast, or calling 206-774-3622 to schedule a personal consultation with a technology designer from Architechtronics.

About Architechtronics
Architechtronics is a top home technology design and installation firm based in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in helping customers enjoy the benefits of home controltheateraudio lighting, or energy saving applications. When homeowners are concerned about their impact on the environment, Architechtronics proudly assists with making homes more eco-friendly and efficient with the unique use of technology.

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About Lagotek
Lagotek Corporation was founded in 2004 with the vision of bringing automation to every home to improve the quality of people’s lives. Distributed and supported by a network of Lagotek Certified Professional Installer/Dealers, the Home Intelligence Platform is powered by dual-wireless technology that makes the luxury and energy savings of whole home automation and control available to any new or remodeled home.

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