Control 4 (one of the largest home automation manufaturers) announced today that the Oprah Winfrey Show will be showcasing their home automation system in an upcoming episode due to air on Friday, April 25. Many of the main features of the system will be presented by Oprah herself and Nate Berkus, one of America’s top Home Planning & Interior Designers. He has also been Oprah’s right-hand man for the last several years in regards to all things home.

Some of the features being highlighted are:

IP Cameras: Camera’s that can display other parts of your home or be viewed online when you are away from home for security reasons or to check in on your pets.

All Off Button: The ability to control as many or as few of the lights within the home at the touch of one button.

Multi-Room Music Control: Audio Control that can be customized to play throughout the home, in just room, or even personalized by party theme.

This should be an exciting and very new way to catch a glimpse of what home automation has to offer for the modern day consumer. Make sure to tune in as we all know Oprah never does anything lacking in fantastic style or impeccable information.

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