I recently took a look at the genral comparisons beetween two of our local e-cycling companies. Generally, both were great candidates for their e-waste management and customer service. There are a few differences and general information on both below:  

What are the Differences in items they Recycle?


Computers Units (Towers/CPUS), Computer Monitors, Laptops, Keyboards, Mice, Computer speakers, Inkjet Printers, Laserjet Printers, Dot Matrix, Scanners, Cell Phones, pagers, PDAs/Pocket PCs, Software, CDs, Tapes, floppy disks, APS UPS battery backups, Lead acid, NiCD (rechargeable), alkaline, lithium batteries, Wire, cables, copper, Loose parts, circuit boards, steel or aluminum, Cardboard boxes and packing material, VCRS/CD/DVD/Stereo units, Stereo speakers, console TVs, Office phones/phone systems, Fax machines, Desktop Copiers, Floor Model Copiers, Microwaves, Toasters/ Toaster Ovens, Portable/Household phones


In addition to the items listed above, Total Reclaim offers exstensive recycling services for larger commercial size e-waste management, and refrigerant recycling such as Refrigerators and Freezers, Air Conditioners, Washers and Dryers, and Stoves. Total Reclaim provides final disposal and recycling services for industrial refrigeration systems and HVAC units.

What are the Differences in Costs?


3R Technology offers a complete listing of individual recycling costs for each item. They also offer larger volume rates and have a reputation for being very flexible. View complete rates here.


Because of the larger volumes and different items Total Reclaim recycles, rates depend on individual circumstances.
They do not provide a listing of prices. Prices are quoted on an individual basis. However, when I was given an example of pricing, it was very comparable to the pricing found at 3R technology.
I was advised to call for individual quotes: (206) 343-7443

What are the Differences in Pick-Up and Drop Off?


They provide complete e-waste removal and recycling services for businesses and residential customers. 3R technology does not charge additional fees for the pick-up of equipment, but does ask for a minimum of 15 large items. Occasionally, exceptions are made if they can work you into a route with another pickup – please inquire. There is no minimum for drop-offs.

Drop Off Location:
1920 Occidental Ave South, Suite G
Seattle, WA 98134

Operating Hours:
8:30-5:00 PM


The minimum pick-up charge is $65.00 and is based on proximity to their facility. To eliminate pick-up charges, you can also drop off your items.
Fees for recycling services are based on the specific quantities, weights and/or types of items that are picked up.

Drop Off Location:
2200 6th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 343-7443 T
(206) 343-7445 F

Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What are the Differences in Company Procedures?

3R TECHNOLOGY: (From 3R Technology Website)

Our mission at 3R Technology is to recycle all e-waste materials in the best possible manner, preventing environmental impact from hazardous compounds and promoting reuse whenever possible. In support of our mission, we are voluntary signers of the BAN pledge – preventing landfilling of electronics and limiting export of e-waste materials to only developed countries for proper recycling. We also adhere to all Washington State & Federal EPA requirements for the proper handling and storage of hazardous materials.
Our main focus has been the development of donation and reuse channels, as well as proper environmental handling and recycling of out-moded computer equipment.

TOTAL RECLAIM: (From Total Reclaim Website) 

Total Reclaim collects electronic waste from businesses, individuals, community collection events and other sources. Some items can be marketed for reuse with little-to-no repair. Others must be refurbished before they can be offered as used electronics.
Most of the e-waste is processed and separated into various raw materials such as plastic, glass, steel, copper, and aluminum. These materials become commodities that are used as feedstock in the manufacturing of new products. Using advanced technology, highly trained personnel, logistical planning and considerable effort, the toxic materials present in e-waste can be recovered and kept out of our landfills.

Generally, 3R Technology seems to service the needs of individual or household e-cycling. Commercial or large volumes of e-waste might be better managed by Total Reclaim. If unsure, both companies highly encourage customers to call in with any questions.
Other Info
If you are not in the Seattle area, e-cycling facilities can be found anywhere in the U.S. at the following website: http://www.eiae.org