(Image Courtesy of ColoradoVnet)


Everyone has heard the saying, ‘What’s on the Paris runway this season will surely be in your closet the next’. Well perhaps not everyone has heard that saying, however, Paris has notoriously guided the worldwide fashion industry toward the next big direction in design.Where am I going with this? If home technology had a Paris Runway, and the next big designer was having a show—  strutting confidently down the runway this season would definitely be the brilliantly designed home technology accessories by Colorado Vnet.
Often in the technology world, good design has a ‘catch-up’ period to the latest and greatest in new innovations or invention. What usually start out as bulky, overly complicated and gadgety looking objects, usually evolve into sleek, clean, or entirely designable concepts. Think… Apple. Actually, thank Apple. They have been the leading voice in applying superior design to today’s technology.
Focusing on design, Colorado Vnet is stepping up the home technology design game with some of the sleekest new designs in everything from light switches to touchscreens.
Like selecting a timeless piece of jewelry, these touchscreens and light switches are fully customizable to the style of your home. And I’m not just speaking to the ladies of the house, either. The ultra modern, ultra-cool features, modules, and superior quality of the Vnet touchscreens are any guys dream.
The cost? More. But anything in high-end style usually is. Think about it more as an investment in the trimming details of your home. Like those Italian tiles in your kitchen or the antique high-boy in the Den. Why shouldn’t the technology details throughout your home sparkle too?
Definitely take time to see the show over at Colorado Vnet. Like an original from Paris, these home technology accessories are simply, Couture.