Yamaha Digital Sound Projector

Live in a condo or somewhere with limited space? Don’t like seeing wires on the floor? Want to have surround sound but can’t and/or don’t want to cut open the walls?

The Yamaha sound bar is the ultimate solution. We have recently done several installations of this product and I have to say that I am amazed. Granted… nothing can replace a true 5 speaker surround sound, but when that isn’t really in the cards, the Yamaha sound bar may be the answer. Yamaha produces 3 different models that gradually get better and better the more money you spend.

The entry level model is the YSP-900. Great bang for your buck that will give you a 5.1 surround sound out of a single speaker. Now it’s actually 23 speakers totally enclosed in a single cabinet that mounts below your TV. There is no need for an amplifier as it is included in the cabinet. The next step up though is where you really get to take advantage of the technology.

YSP-3000 Yamaha Soundbar

The YSP-3000 gives you HDMI switching so you only have to run one HDMI cable to your display screen. All of your other components plug into the sound bar and with its switching capabilities, will send all of your sources though the HDMI cable. The YSP-3000 also has a built in FM tuner and XM receiver so that the need for another component is not necessary making for a cleaner installation, plus you can plug your iPod into it as well and control it via the Yamaha remote.

Going up one more step to Yamaha’s top of the line sound bar gets you even more. You have now entered the YSP-4000 range where you gain HDMI upconversion. Take all of your 480i and 480p components, plug them into the back of the sound bar, run a single HDMI cable to your display, and viola- you have 1080i/720p on your screen. The YSP-4000 also almost doubles the amount of speakers with a whopping 42 speaker drivers giving the best 5.1 surround effect. Plus you still get the FM tuner, XM receiver, and iPod controls

Overall, you are going to get what you pay for, but if space is limited and you want that surround sound effect, go with a Yamaha sound bar. Thankfully they have 3 different levels so you should be able to find one that fits your budget.