We are pleased to feature a new project currently underway in the Seattle Capitol Hill neighborhood. There are several key components to this project that are worth mentioning. The ’brain’ of the system will be controlled through a centrally located Control4 HC-300. Items that are to be controlled include lighting, distributed audio, distributed HD video, surveillance cameras, fireplaces, and blinds.


The homeowner came to us because he knew what he wanted, but found that what other vendors were proposing to him was what they wanted rather than what he was looking for. We were able to earn the job due to the fact that we were able to give the homeowner several options to choose from and make him feel like part of the decision making process- rather than just the one writing the check.


Keep an eye out for future postings, where we will be covering the integration of some great features. Some features include three different fireplaces integrated to work by the simple touch a “scene” button, a doorbell that will not only notify the homeowner of a guest over the distributed audio system but will also allow him to see the front door via touch screens. An HD signal that will be distributed via HDMI to 3 different locations and the window blinds that will be controlled to close and open at set times automatically, due to sunrise and sunset.


This is a full remodel project, giving us full access to the inside of walls and making it easier to run all the structural cabling. However, most of these same technologies could be retrofitted into an existing home with the use of wireless connections. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of this project and more examples of what you too could integrate into your won home.