So, I was flipping through a dealer catalog when I noticed that the biggest section was,“my favorite speakers”, which made me start thinking- which ones would make for the best home theater? I know that most people don’t have a dedicated media room for such a thing, but you still need the right speaker for a true home theater experience- and that all depends entirely on the room itself.

(Sonance Virtuoso V834)

So let’s start with the great room. This is the room that has a couch, a coffee table, and maybe two walls. One side is usually open and the other is connected to a kitchen. If these conditions sound familiar, then ceiling speakers would work best for you. Something like the Sonance Virtuoso V834 series. These (8 inch woofer 4 inch midrange & 1 inch tweeter) speakers are at the top of their class for ceiling speakers and with just five of these speakers, you would fill this type of area with incredible sound- without having to have a dedicated ‘theatre’ room.

The next is the three sided room. This room (like its big brother the media room) has a lot of options. These rooms usually are considered the play rooms of the house with other things going on in them like playing pool and/or sitting at a bar. With this in mind, you could go with some wall speakers beside the TV and ceiling speakers for your surround sound effects. Again, using Sonance Virtuoso V834 would be the cream of the crop, and only a few speakers on the market today would be able to compare with them. But we are not done yet.

Last but not least is the dedicated media room also known as the theater room. The sky is the limit when you build one of these, with screens and an enclosed room you can put speakers almost anywhere. With a dedicated room you could go with cabinet speakers like the Sonance Cinema Ultra ll LCRs (one 8″ woofer two 3 inch midrange & one 1 inch tweeter). These are THX certified theater speakers that would rival most movie theaters. But if you don’t like to see your speakers then the same speaker can be put into the walls or you can go with a mix of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Putting your front speakers (the left, the right, the sub and the center) behind the screen is another clean and highly effective way to hide speakers and still have a great sound.

The media room is the top of the line when it comes to watching movies in the comfort of your home. But like I said, most of us don’t have dedicated rooms. However, with the right speakers and proper placement you can turn any room, “with the help of some popcorn”, into your own home theater.