Recently I discovered a new line of motorized art frames that have really taken hidden plasma technology to a greater level in brilliant design. The Elite series from Media Décor incorporates an ingenious new inverted unfurling design– jokingly referred to as the, “I can’t believe no one thought of that!” model.

In traditional frame design, the artwork rolls itself upward, guided and tensioned by two permanently locked side tracks. Although this works, there will always be friction within the side channels. The friction can result in uneven downward movement, wear on the art canvas, or at worst—a jam in the track. Side to side tensioning is also not addressed and over time, the artwork can lose its perfectly flat appearance.

The Elite series uses a fixed canvas, attached at the top, and unfurled from the back, lowering the canvas into position with a tensioned, moving roller. In addition, the sides of the canvas are filled with a ferrous liquid. Directly opposite this continuous ferrous strip is a continuous magnetic strip on the back of the picture frame. As the canvas is unrolled, it is forced onto the magnetic strips at the sides, and when the canvas goes up, it is peeled off this invisible channel. This creates a perfectly flat canvas, directly connected into place on the frame.

The best part? The presentation! This reversed downward rolling effect gives the illusion that the artwork is literally appearing like magic in front of your television, and not rolling down like a garage door. A demo of this can be found here.

Media Décor has a fantastic art selection, high quality frames, and you can even provide your own artwork at no charge. If you have further questions, or are considering placing an order, contact us to see our showroom sample.