Have you dreamed of having that new flat screen on the wall only to find out you are going to have a collection of wires, cable, and components all over the place?

We recently were contacted to take care of just this situation. The client wanted his old TV moved to another room of the house and a new TV put in its place. But, what he also wanted was a clean installation where no components, wires, or cables would be seen at either TV.

Before Photos

Our installer Rich took before and after photos. This first picture includes the old TV to be moved to the location shown in the second picture where the painting is hanging.

Also note, in the first picture that the cable box and DVD player sitting next to the TV with cables exposed. Continue reading to find out where they were re-located.

After the Installation

In photo #1, a new television was installed. All components for both TVs are now stored in a remote location where they are controlled by a Control4 remote that communicates through radio frequencies rather than the standard IR signal; thus giving it the ability to “talk though walls.

Overall, a simple component clean-up that provided the homeowner with an easy to use Control4 interface for their home entertainment needs.