Yamaha is expanding on their tried and true sound projector line. With the expansion of HD televisions, more and more people are looking for a way to make their older DVDs, VHS tapes, and other standard definition media look better on their new HDTV. The major short fall with a lot of HDTV’s is that they enhance all of the flaws with standard definition. Once you have seen HD, it’s hard to watch standard definition ever again. One thing a lot of people have realized is the DVD’s that used to look good on their old TV’s seem to be lacking something on their HDTV’s.

You’re all excited to get your brand new HDTV home just to find out that your old DVD’s almost look worse on the new set than the old one. The main reason for this is your DVD player is displaying in 480 lines of resolution whereas your new TV is capable of up to 1080 lines of resolution. What most people tend to notice is their standard DVDs seem to look choppy and “pixilated” so they buy a DVD player that has upconversion only to have the same problem.

Upconversion, as discussed in an earlier blog, only takes a standard definition signal and upconverts it to transmit through an HDMI cable. What is needed is HDMI upscaling which is available in the Yamaha 3050 sound projector. For a more information of the difference between upscaling and upconverting visit the other post here.

So now what used to take about 7 pieces of equipment (upscaler, 5 speakers, and a receiver) can be accomplished in one unit. The new 3050 has the ability to upscale all incoming signal to 1080 lines of resolution. This used to be only available on the 4000 model, but that model was 42″ wide not making it look right under a 32″ TV. The new 3050 will be perfect for those bedroom TV’s at 32″ wide and you can now watch your old DVDs in 1080p. Granted it won’t be as good as true HD from a Blu-Ray player. But it certainly will be better that what you have grown accustomed to with your standard definition DVD’s.