Monster has a cable for every type of application.  Whether you are a serious movie buff who has to have the best of everything, or a weekend warrior who just needs enough to get their fix, monster has a cable for you.  Depending of the level of equipment you own and the viewing style you have will greatly influence the level of cable for your particular application.

When the cable companies started releasing the cable boxes with HDMI output, a lot of people rushed out and bought a cable to get that “True HD” picture.  The problem was, depending on what type of TV you had, would affect the overall performance.  Some cables wouldn’t even display a picture on the screen or if it did, it was very choppy and usually saturated with green.   The cause of this was the TV wanting more information than the cable was capable of providing. 




Imagine if you will, trying to suck ice cream though a straw; next to impossible.  But if you water it down and thin it out you can get the ice cream through the straw.   Essentially the TV is doing the same thing; its watering down the picture to get the information to come through the cable but when it comes to the TV it doesn’t look very good just like watered down ice cream wouldn’t taste very good.

The solution is to get a bigger straw capable of moving that much information without it being watered down.  With the onslaught of 120hz TV sets hitting the market, a lot of people are going to find out that their TV is going to want more information faster than their cables are capable of providing.

With monster cable there is a cable for every budget and viewing style.  See the chart below to determine what level of cable is right for you.  Now, I am not saying that if you are using something other than a monster cable for your HDMI connection it’s not going to work, I am saying that you are not getting everything you should be.  In essence you are watching a watered down version of HD.  


Notice that when you go from a 60 Hz TV with 8 bit color in 1080p resolution to a 120 Hz TV in 8 bit color with 1080p resolution it requires more than twice as much information in the same amount of time.  If your cable is not capable of transferring over 10 gigabits per second, then you are not getting the most out of your HD equipment.  It’s time to step up to the big leagues, invest in a high quality cable for your high quality HD components, and enjoy the show.  Not to mention, if technology ever passes up the capabilities of a 1000 series HDMI cable, monster will upgrade it for free.  Now that’s impressive.