I finally had a chance to experience the Epson Home Theater Ensemble that we are currently showcasing at the Seattle Home show, and wow… was I impressed! The surprisingly affordable theater boasts an impressive complete package that is high in quality and performance. The first thing I was surprised by was how large a 100inch screen truly is, and how it completely disappeared when the system was off. It seamlessly rolled into its own sleek speaker system that was mounted unobtrusively above it. I could really see this blending into any home décor.

I was even more impressed with the HD quality of the 1080p projector and multi-channel speaker systems. The image quality was crystal clear and the powerfully overwhelming sound system was a ‘roller-coaster’ ride like experience.

Being an Interior Designer at heart, I think the most innovative part of this system has to be its ability to provide a larger than life cinema experience, and yet at the same time—humbly disappear when not in use. So many Home theater systems today have to be just that—a home theater. For those of us unable to dedicate space in our home specifically devoted to a home theater, this system offers a perfect alternative.  

Above all, the Epson is affordable. Complete systems start at just $5,999 installed and includes all of the following:

  • Epson PowerLite™ Home Cinema 720 (720p) projector with integrated surround sound speaker cradle
  • 100-inch, electric screen with integrated LCR speakers
  • Custom-designed Atlantic Technology 5.1 surround sound system and 10-inch subwoofer with all channels of amplification
  • Audio/video controller with dual HDMI inputs and 1080p up-conversion with built-in progressive-scan DVD player
  • Pre-programmed LCD remote controller
  • All mounting brackets, cables and wire management tracks

Definitely take the time to come experience the Epson Home Theater Ensemble Cinema for yourself this weekend at the Seattle Home Show and meet our team at Architechtronics. The home show will be running through Sunday October 19th and free demonstrations will be given on a constant rotation throughout the event. You don’t want to miss this!