I first saw this television at CEDIA this year, and have been in love ever since!! If you saw us at the Seattle Home Show this fall, you should have seen it in both Black and White in our booth.

There are so many great things to say about the Hitachi “Ultra Thin” 1.5 inch television… I will surely have to do several posts! I am going to start with this one, for the design conscious home owners.

Option 1: Wall Mounted Television

Of course, you can mount any LCD or plasma, but with the Hitachi, the finished look is beautifully thin and discrete! If your walls are open, we can actually recess the mount as well, leaving only the Hitachi Ultra-Thin flush to the wall… again, that’s only 1.5 inches of thickness!

Option 2: Minimize the Television and Furniture in Your Room

Want to have more room, but not drill any holes? Or, if you are like me… want to re-arrange your room and not be locked into having the TV in just one place? This minimal stand gives the impression that it has been mounted, yet gives you design flexibility and takes up the least amount of space! 

Option 3: Middle of the Room or In Front of a Window

As far as I know, the Hitachi Ultra Thin televisions are the only ones with a smooth black (or white) glossy finish on the back of the TV, along with concealed cable inputs. You can easily position the monitor near a window or in the center of a room with the floor stand, without having the unappealing look of exposed cables.

I will be posting several blogs on the Hitachi Ultra-Thin over the next two weeks. If you are interested in our holiday special (a significant savings!), fill out the contact form on our site and I will email you the coupon.