Hide your television with museum quality artwork and framing

Hide your television with museum quality artwork and framing

Today Josh and I drove over to finalize the new Media Decor piece installed one of our client’s home. The homeowner had expressed interest in hiding their television and speakers, leaving the room to feel more like a family room, rather than a home theater! From hundreds of artwork choices, they selected this contemporary abstract piece— which in my opinion couldn’t be more perfect for their home.

It’s simple to use. With a single push of the power button on their Control4 system remote, the Media Decor artwork slides out of the way, revealing the 52″ television. As an added touch, the lights also dim, preparing the room for family entertainment. 

The sound. Oh, yes… that would be coming from the in-ceiling Stealth Acoustic speakers. This is not your standard speaker with a grill, they are truly invisible. I’ve seen these speakers many times perfectly finished in the wall or ceiling (in fact we have them in our showroom). However, every time I see them in a new home and think about how they are literally in the ceiling, under the sheetrock, painted and finished right over the top— I find myself still as shocked as the first time. The sound is still as rich and velvety as it would be with your standard “grill” in-ceiling (or in-wall speaker), better in many cases.  

Sound in the Kitchen. Just in case the homeowner doesn’t want to miss a bit of the movie as they grab something from the kitchen, they can turn on the in-ceiling hidden speakers there as well. Or, if not watching tv, they can entertain with music. All accessible from their 10-inch in wall touchscreen.

More to come. There are many lovely aspects to this project that we will be sharing on the blog over the next several months… stay tuned!