We always appreciate customer feedback… this one came in today making me very proud of our Architechtronics team!

“You guys have been EXCELLENT to work with.  Your design and advice have been spot on, I have full faith and confidence in the overall system that you are putting together, and you have been quick to resolve concerns and questions with an extraordinarily knowledgeable staff.” ~David M., Redmond, WA

This is a really great project that we have all enjoyed working on. I hope to showcase it when finished in our “projects section” of our website soon!

David Contacted us a few months ago to take over his project.  What a fun project it has been.  He has a cozy dedicated home theater room, which we did several improvements including moving his electronics out of the room to get more space, setting a central video distribution to all his TV’s in the home, and replaced and expanded his Sonos audio system with Control4 audio distribution.

He also upgraded to the new Control4 remotes, and has been very happy with the improvement of functionality and battery life.