My co-worker Michelle introduced me to Pandora—and I have been a BIG fan ever since! I listen to it all the time at work, it’s nice to have variety. I was very excited when they came out with an iPhone app, which brought Pandora into my home on a more regular basis.

Finally, we are starting to see it integrate into the home technology industry as well. Today Vudu announced integration with Vudu Labs! Now you can experience Pandora right on your television with all of the functionality that has made Pandora the leader in Internet radio.

You still get to use VUDU’s remote control—which many of our clients love. Create new stations and personalize them by adding new variety to the station and “thumbing” songs up and down as they play. Additionally, Pandora on VUDU supports multiple accounts enabling every member of the family to play his or her own personalized Pandora stations.

Pandora service is available for free starting today to all VUDU customers. Go ahead, visit VUDU Labs and select Pandora. Login to your existing Pandora account or create a new one and enjoy your favorite tunes right on your television.