We’d like to welcome Ryan Barg, formerly of Magnolia Hi-Fi to our team as Technology Integrator for the company.

Ryan Barg

Barg will fill the company’s rapidly growing project design, integration and management needs, as well as head the Control4 training and development programs. Barg will also implement new processes in all client design projects with a focus on the programming and technical support aspects of client systems.

With a demanding number of residential integration projects currently underway, we are delighted to welcome such a talented and experienced member to our rapidly growing company. His expertise and experience will be invaluable in this current climate of company growth

As the new Technology Designer, Barg brings with him over 5 years extensive knowledge and experience in Control 4 automation products, as well as a variety of sales and other system design experience. Cedia certified and highly trained in Home Control systems, Barg brings a vast knowledge base of programming and technical support to the Architechtronics team.

Again, Welcome to the team Ryan!!!