Police are reporting an all time high in home burglary and crime rates in Kirkland, WA where crime rates have been traditionally some of the lowest in the state. Ironically, some speculate that this is primarily due to the fact that citizens of the city have become too comfortable with their city’s long-standing safety rating, allowing for burglars to gain easy access to their unsecured homes.


Kirkland citizens should remember that your home’s security depends primarily on your own personal awareness in keeping your home secure.

Here are a few tips to remember:

Remember to lock all doors and windows in your home whenever the home is vacant without exception. Home invasions most commonly occur when a burglar has easy access to the home. Leaving a door or window open literally invites any stranger to gain effortless access to your home. Often, a locked door is enough of a deterrent to keep a burglar out. A home security system is often the best way to ensure your door and windows are secure. 


A simple touchpad in your entry can alert you to any door or window that may be unsecure when you are leaving the home. This is especially helpful with larger families with children and with larger homes with multiple levels.

Install motion or automatic lights in secluded areas of your home and yard. These can be a great investment in keeping your home secure. For most burglars, invisibility is key and illumination alone can often be the best way to scare off a possible intruder.

Keep your shrubs and landscaping trimmed and low around access points to the home. One of the best points of access to a home is often a window hidden behind a large shrubbery or bush. This is especially common in backyards where homeowners tend to let greenery grow larger.

Make sure that you have someone watch your home when you are away. Beyond just getting your mail, make sure you have someone that is consciously aware of your home’s surroundings. For added security, install automatic lighting controls in your home that allow for the lights to come on and off in any programmed sequence, giving a home the appearance that someone is home even when it is vacant.

A simple home security system is often the best and easiest way to guarantee that your home will stay secure. Simple motion, window, and door detectors can easily be installed in new and existing homes, virtually making it impossible for a home invader to gain access to a home undetected. For even more added security, add camera’s to your home that can be monitored from work, on your phone, or installed in a second home.

By simply following these tips, and perhaps adding a few additional security measures to your home, you can be confident in your home and family’s protection.

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