While researching TV’s recently for a client that needed a very thin LCD TV, I found some great information about LED TV’s.

Here at Architechtronics, we are always looking for the green products so we can squeeze every bit of green into our home technology design as possible. We only have one planet to live on and we should start taking care of it.  I have been recommending LCD TV’s to my clients for several years to be green, and save money and resources while enjoying your time at home.  LCD’s used 40% less electricity than compared to a Plasma.

Now I discovered LED TV.  LED TV’s boast a few advantages over LCD and Plasmas. First on the green rospective is the energy usage.  Samsung says their LED TV’s use 40% less electricity than there LCD TV’s.  Which simple math says an LED TV uses a whoppong 64% less electricity.

Using CNET’S calculations to see the 5 year cost difference in real dollars based on average price of energy in the U.S. during 2008, which is 11.35 cents per kilowatt hour according to the Energy Information Administration, operating over 365 days, turned on for 5.2 hours a day and off for 18.8 (this does not consider stanby power consumption):

  • $373.70 = Plasma – Samsung 46″ (No 46″ Plasma Reveiwed averged a 50″ FP-T5084@ 412.85Wand a 42″ HP-S4253 @281.12W) 346.99W
  • $209.65 = LCD – Samsung 46″ LCD (LN-T4681F) 194.65W
  • $115 = LED – Samsungs 46″(Samsung UN46B7000) 106.77W

LED TV’s are among the slimmest on the market @ 1.2″.  Many manufacturers are developing slim LCD’s at the cost of removing all inputs but an HDMI and VGA, and removing the Tuner to save space and depth.  Smasung LED TV’s still include the digital tune, 4 HDMI inputs and to make the custom installer very happy Component Video inputs for centralized video distribution!

While preserving our enviorment, LED TV’s contain no Mecury that is found in LCD TV’s but they do contain trace amounts of another toxic chemical (Gallium Arsenide or Arsenic), so this is a neutral benefit.

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