Black & Decker and Control 4 are nearing the release of the long anticipated radio-equipped door locking mechanisms, allowing homeowners to integrate even more security automated control and access to their homes.

This new feature will give homeowners the ability to control physical locking mechanism from a touch of a button anywhere in the home or via remote access on the web. Its complete integration into home automation systems allows for an endless array of customizations triggered by the locks. It also allows for auto locking and unlocking scheduling and notification.

Probably the best feature of the new locking mechanisms is the secure feeling of never having to question whether you remembered to fully secure your system again. All it takes to examine your door’s current status is a login to the home’s automation system.

Black & Decker has finally filled the large gap inwith the introduction of these overdue additions to home control. Until now, even with all the advancements made in residential security through the years, a home’s primary access points have still relied solely on the homeowner’s ability to remember to flip the locks. Other that contact points installed on the doors, no automation or preset control of the home’s most susceptible access points have been available.

The simplicity of the locks, powered by easily replaceable and overridable double AA batteries and including Smartkey technology, makes the integration a snap.  First introduced in 2007, SmartKey is the only widely available lock on the market that allows homeowners to quickly and easily re-key their lock(s) themselves without removal from the door.

With this partnership with Control 4 and many other vendors, Black & Decker have made a truly revolutionary step in home security and automation. Finally your system can be programmed to implement home setting based on the flip of the locks, with endless possibilities in customization.