Last Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit the One Main Condos in Bellevue to see the progress our team has made. Stepping into the main entrance of the building with hard hat in place, we carefully navigated through the construction tape and loose drywall to the third floor. All of One Main Condos will have a standard touchscreen to interface with the front door access and control living room lighting. Also, the homes are wired with Cat5 and Coax, shades, and select units are pre-wired with audio.


The first unit that we encountered was in the later part of the rough-in stage. The dry wall was in place and the wiring for the technology has been pulled. Custom blinds and mounted televisions will be mounted and installed after all is in and tidy—RIGHT before move in!


We then headed up the stairs to the 8th floor to explore a condo that was not quite as far along. This particular job was in the beginning stages of the rough-in and the drywall had not been set in place yet. During this stage the hardwiring was in progress for distributed video, music, and lighting. The area for the television has been framed out and the wiring will run through the backside. This way, the homeowners can have a television mounted with their equipment in a closet— no more wires and unsightly equiptment!


Our tour of the building then took us to the top floors of the building which come with lovely views, and even more impressive technology. We were able to see the wiring for the touchscreens, and the hidden speakers that are distributed throughout the unit. In one unit, the owner requested that we provide the whole home with hidden speakers in the walls and ceiling. These speakers get mudded and painted right over.


Continuing on in the unit we were also able to see the wiring that will connect to the rack and provide access control for the entire space.


This home’s sitting room will consist of a custom fireplace and mounted flat screen below a wide open skylight. The television viewing area will connect to the den and will be fully equipped with lighting control and audio. The kitchen console will have lighting and hidden speakers as well.

The lower units are projected to be in the final stages in two weeks. There are still available units, if you are interested contact the One Main Condos Sales Center. If you have further questions or interests regarding the technology at One Main Condos please feel free to contact us, via phone or email.