What do you want to control?

Control4 is working with Electronic House magazine for their 2nd sweepstakes this year. Entries are judged by a panel of Electronic House editors and Control4 staff that will be looking at creativity, originality and fun factors. You could win up to $5000 in Control4 equipment… so go ahead and put on your creative thinking cap and enter! (Find the official details and entry form on their website).

What is some of Architechtronics’ favorite applications?

1.) I liked when our client who had sleeping baby’s from 12-2 asked us to make his doorbell not ring. It was a simple request, that saved the family from a screaming baby.

2.) UW fans… one of our clients wanted all LED lights for Control4 lighting to be purple and gold.

3.) My sister has motion sensors in the halls to trigger their master bathroom light at a low level for 3 minutes to tell them their kids have left their bed at night.

4.) You’ve got mail… system sends a notification when the mail man delivers mail for the day.

5.) In one of our condo units, if the homeowner has his keycard on him while riding up the elevator, they want the lights to turn on, music to turn on before they enter their home.

6.) Our biggest request? Please get rid of my 8 remotes!!