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Ok I’ll admit it…I’m not a Apple guy by preference, and generally speaking I actually try to avoid Apple products as I feel for the price you really don’t get a lot of bang for the buck. But with Apples recent announcement of the iPad I must admit this could change. This could be a very big product in the sense of for a geek like me or even the non-geek crowd as it is supporting the Apple App Store which currently hosts over 1 Million Apps. There is however only one App I look forward to using with this. The Control4 My House Application. This App delivers a lot of what is planed with the upcoming 2.0 release already done. It combines all lighting into one page, lighting scenes, as well as all sensors (alarm or contacts). This application in itself could replace the gap from the 7inch portable Control4 offers currently and the 10.5 that is no longer for sale. If it follows trend as well this could prove to have a much better use as a portable tablet compared to the current setup with Control4 and there devices not channel hopping. I plan on getting one as soon as it’s released!