Home Technology Made Beautifully Simple

Home technology has become essential in any living space. Where we live today, home technology must co-exist. Computers, audio equipment and televisions are all part of our everyday lives. What many people don’t know is that as we fully incorporate home technologies we can achieve the exact look we want by hiding them! Fully integrated home technology that blends into your home decor provides a perfectly polished, perfectly finished look while still having all the technology you need in your home.

A remodeling project, whether it is minor or major, always requires crucial finishing touches. Whether or not you choose to implement these touches can make or break the difference in whether a remodeling project is simply finished, or fabulous!

Speakers that are invisible

Home media rooms and home theaters no longer require large, imposing home theater speakers systems to say to the world- ‘I am the best of the best!’ Instead, one of the newest options in home theater audio is invisible speakers, like those by Sonance Speakers, which literally disappear inside the wall. That’s correct, they actually become part of the wall, imbedded into the sheetrock— wires, boxes, and all. Once the installation is done, simply cover them under your favorite color of paint!

Televisions that disappear

Finally, a room with a wall mounted flat screen TV doesn’t have to be limited to looking at a blank screen when it is turned off. Choose your favorite piece of decorative wall art, your family photograph or even a mirror by Media Décor, and it will hide our flat screen television with the touch of a button. This solution so ingeniously simple, it makes one wonder how we have ever gotten by without it.

Technology throughout your home

With many systems, including Control4, you can easily control your whole home from any touch screen or television. Enjoy simple solutions for implementing any combination of music, video, security, automated lighting and blinds. All of these options are available for even the smallest in remodeling projects, whether for one room or an entire new construction home.

With home technology—convenience, great design, and simplicity can all finally come together.  A small amount of effort during the remodeling and planning process can yield a lifetime of practical technology that is beautifully simple.

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