iPad, iPod and the iPhone: what CAN it do and what COULD it do…

Several new things are coming about for this great user interface.  Currently, all three devices with a $299 license for each device can control your homes Control4 system.  But they have not taken off as a popular home interface, the cost has been high and the function uncertain, and limited to within the reach of your home’s wireless network.  I have the software loaded on my iPhone for the office yet I rarely use it, and often don’t think about it during presentations.

That is all about to change.  Recently announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Control4 Mobile Navigator/4Sight bundle will be $9.99/ month.  This will allow an unlimited number of iPhone/Andriod and Blackberry devices to control your home both internal to your home wifi network and external via the devices internet connection. In addition to allowing you to use any internet connection to control your home; with an authenticated login of course.

This may be a game changer.  The iPad starting price of $499 plus mobile navigator, will make an impressive 9.4″ Mobile tablet for you home theater and still have an impressive web browser. The iPad and iPod do however require a $299 license fee.

Lastly, Sonance is working on a In-Wall dock to turn your iPod into a home control touchscreen to be permanently mounted in your wall.  You will be able to remove it as needed and access both buttons on the device, keep it charged, and access all the media via your control4 system.

I have a feeling we will be connecting a lot of iGadgets in 2k10!