Thermal Management within your system

Over heating is one of the biggest problems a homeowner can face when dealing with a full rack of technology or shelved equipment. Often times this potential problem can occur without the owner knowing where it originates. If your current system consists of a few components under an open television stand then you are in the clear. However if your equipment is contained in a closed stand then it would be best to follow a few easy steps to release the heat. First of all check to see if your TV stand has the appropriate ventilation system in the back of the stand. Look for a cut out in the back or a perforated punch out that can be manually removed. If the stand that you are using was not originally created as a TV stand then this is a step that you will need to do manually. Determine how many shelves are being used to contain your technology and cut a hole in the center of each. This will allow the heat to escape out the back and since heat rises it will continue up and out the top hole. This technique will pull cool air from the bottom holes creating a “chimney” effect that we as installers aim for.

These are the basics to thermal management and anyone with an enclosed equipment box should be aware of the potential danger of over heating. It only takes a few easy steps to ensure that you are getting the most from your system and not causing the equipment to suffer.