This line of mirrored televisions offers beauty and quality viewing in one. For a long time, the mirrored televisions being produced lacked performance due to their bulky assembly and mirror technology. In other words, although ‘cool’ in the sense that you didn’t really know the TV was there, it still lacked a visual performance punch when turned on. Because of this, we saw them used primarily in bathrooms and kitchens or other places that the intention was truly only aesthetic.

Seura, a forefront leader in the marriage between design and technology has a line of products which far surpass the original mirrored TV format. Incorporating not only top of the line technology but fantastic design and cool twists; Seura is really setting the bar much higher in this specific field. Their portfolio, which includes fantastic commercial work from everywhere from New York to Dubai, and many private residences, showcases the vast options and styles that are available.  Ultra modern to beautifully traditional, these design elements can go anywhere.

Another innovation from Seura includes the addition of LED lighting within the mirror itself giving it even more customization and freedom of design creativity. From textile design to graphics to words, the LED lights add a lot of fun and style to the mirrors.

Finally, there is one of my favorite new products. The completely waterproof TV, which easily fits into a shower or bath for ultimate viewing anytime. In addition to its simple design and installation, the framing itself can be customized to match that perfect inlaid marble, colorful backsplash, or even your favorite shirt. The possibilities are endless.

Make sure to check this awesome line out for yourself.