So the other day I stumbled upon this article about the bare minimum wiring for a house.


I find this topic interesting as it does seem to come up a lot during projects. I am a firm believer in wiring more than what you think you will need. With quite a few jobs I have seen how the job can change during the course of construction from building/rough in/trim/final. A lot of times a project will be presented with best case setups to show what can be done, but due to budget or other circumstances, there will be cut backs like any other project. All understandable but the prewire is usually the first place a client looks at cutting back. I can’t stress enough that you should always wire for the future!

I personally suggest at the minimum two rg-6, 3 cat5/6’s and a mini high res run as this gives us the option of component video either through high res or balun, HDMI either over a single cat5/6 or two if needed depending on the balun used, and lastly a cat5 for control which can be used for IR or RS-232. I also believe in home running all of the data/phone in the house as well so that you can use one centralized network switch or phone system depending on the size of the project.

The best thing is to over wire and under use so that if you want to expand later you can without adding potential failure points to the system. Also if your ever unsure, ask! There is a reason for every wire suggested or piece of equipment.