By invitation of only Control4’s elite dealers, Architechtronics will play a vital role in collaborating to design future products.

March 26, 2010, Kirkland, WA – Architechtronics founders, Brett and Jennifer Griffin will travel to Park City Utah in May to take part in an exclusive partnership to discuss upcoming products and provide input that will aid in Control4’s company development.

The council consists of 12 companies nationwide that will serve for a term of two years. The council will meet for an upcoming event at Stein Erickson Lodge in Park City Utah for a stay of two and a half days. The topics to be discussed will include; product development, marketing strategy, future business channels, review of service and report as well as training opportunities.

“It’s an honor to be invited to serve on the Control4 Advisory Council. It proves how dedicated Control4 is to developing the most innovative products by including feedback and creativity from their top dealers.” says co-founder, Jennifer Griffin.

Along with their previous beta testing, Architechtronics will now provide their clients with the most up-to-date technology advancements and product upgrades.

About Architechtronics
Architechtronics is a top home technology design and installation firm based in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in helping customers enjoy the benefits of home controltheateraudio lighting, or energy saving applications. When homeowners are concerned about their impact on the environment, Architechtronics proudly assists with making homes more eco-friendly and efficient with the unique use of technology.

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About Control4: Control4 is the platform for today’s digital home and makes whole-home automation a practical option for any residence. Control4 makes everyday life easier by providing one-touch control of both new and existing electronic systems in the home. By allowing leading consumer electronics products to easily work together, Control4 provides effortless entertainment, comfort, convenience and peace of mind to homeowners everywhere. Control4’s affordable and easy-to-use software and hardware products enable home theater control, multi-room music, smart lighting, temperature control and security, through a range of in-home and over-the-web remote control technology. The company delivers both wired and wireless solutions that can be installed in existing homes as well as in homes under construction.

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