Just when you thought your next stay at a hotel couldn’t be more accommodating; Control4 Suite Systems offer guests an experience like no other. One that allows for rooms themselves to simplify your needs and anticipate your desires.

Control4 Suite Systems offer guests the ability to fully control their lighting, television, music, room temperature, and drapes all with one simple remote. In addition they can check room status, set wake up times, valet service, spa services, housekeeping, room service, and more.

In addition to the simplicity this provides, the guest will also experience a customizable experience unlike any other that traditional hotels can provide. Wake and night settings allow the guest to design the desired experience they wish to have. Settings to turn down lights to lower levels automatically and lower or raise temperature controls at night can be programmed easily. In the morning, instead of fiddling with that foreign alarm clock and waking to that irritating beep, Guests can set times for the drapes to open, for music or television to come on, and for lights to slowly intensify. All around a much more pleasing experience to start your day.

For returning guests, systems will be set to remember you, ensuring that all of your settings are in place before you finish checking in at the front desk.
For operators of hotels, the Control4 Suite systems offer substantial energy and cost savings by allowing temperature systems the ability to recognize unoccupied rooms and shut themselves off, or by controlling sun and heat intake by closing the blinds during mid day. They also allow for control of lighting systems within the entire hotel without ever stepping foot into a room.

The future of the hotel stay will definitely include the use of systems like the Control4 Suite System. As our expectations of amenities on the property grow so will our expectations of our rooms themselves. For a complete tour of the Control4 Suite system recently integrated in the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas, please see the video below.

Control4 Suite Systems