No more smoke filled, dark, outdated, bowling alleys for Perfect Games in Ames, Iowa.

Control4 has once again expanded their clientele to reach beyond just the private home. This Iowa bowling alley has been transformed into a clean and sophisticated, fully automated development. Utilizing an HC-300 and two HC-200 controllers, the entire staff can control their system of 13 cable boxes, 7 LCD screens and 12 projectors.

Personally, I love the idea of creating a clean chic bowling alley. In the past it has never been my ideal destination on a Friday night. I would rather go somewhere with a little less grease and grunge, however I really think that implementing the Control4 system into bowling alleys would really help “clean up their act” a little.

The Control4 system would help to centralize the technology throughout the venue. The owner or staff members could easily access all of the projectors or monitors simultaneously. If some of the lanes are not being used a projector or flat screen can display a sporting event or news highlights. Just like Perfect Games, a 550L microphone can be used to make announcements or share deals with customers.

An honest revamp of bowling alleys could really spark a new interest in this great American past time!