Don’t let your home decorating plans be ruined by your television.
I stumbled upon this announcement and thought it was fitting as we are a NuVision dealer. Now you can match your TV with your rooms decor, thanks to the new service provided by NuVision for there FX and Mirrored TVs. Simply send in a color swatch or the pantone color code and they will custom match the bezel of the TV to match. The service costs $1499 on top of the price of the TV itself and takes 14 days from order till shipping.
With the mirror TV line coming out next month this is something I would consider doing in my own house.  Despite how much we enjoy our TV it is not something we want to look at from a decor stand point. The service along with a mirror TV will truly make it disappear on the wall and return the room to its non intrusive look/form while maintaining its purpose.
For more information on the NuVision U color-collection click here.