The Ultimate Fan. The Ultimate Dedicated Home Theater.
I have always had an interest in dedicated theater rooms but it is fairly rare for a client to take it as far as this one did. Check out this Electronic House, themed theater:
This avid Stargate Atlantis fan went as far as having his home theater doors motion controlled by simply waving your hand in front of the Atlantis logo. Some of the other custom features include; the ceiling pattern changing every 30 seconds, faux finished walls to give it a rough steel look and side panels that add to the Stargate theme as well as serving as acoustic panels for the room.
The entire system is controlled by Control4 which is also very cool to see all that can be done even with a single controller. I must admit I do wish I had this in my house as I’m sure it is a blast to enjoy movies in. Grand total for this project? $70,000, which is of course a sizable chunk of change however if I had to guess I would have thought twice that much. Goes to show what can be done when the system is designed from the ground up.