ha_graphicsAutomating your home is cool. It is a way to impress your friends while dragging yourself, and your family, into the future of living comfortably. Still, while many people have heard about home automation many are still wondering what all the fuss is about? Why should you automate your home? Here are 6 good reasons:

1. Make tasks more convenient – Let’s face it…as a homeowner there are a set of things that you find yourself doing day after day. Well many of those same tasks that are repetitive in nature can be accomplished automatically, or at the very least, with fewer steps using home automation. For instance instead of turning off or dimming four different lights why not just have it set up that when you want to watch a movie, home automation lets you do it with one button.

2. Save money – Who doesn’t want to save money? Utilities can add up to several hundred dollars per month if not maintained. Home automation can turn off lights or lower the thermostat automatically when you aren’t using them. Studies show that using this method can lower your utility bills by 10% to 25%.

3. Safety – Today it is critical to have some system in place that allows for better home safety. Whether it is an accident due to poor lighting or the safety of knowing that a light will come on when you go downstairs at night, home automation can automatically turn lights on in closets, stairways, and other dark places when you enter.

4. Home security – Today home security is a priority for everyone. With the higher rates of crime in most cities it is important to have a system. Having a company do it for you can mean high installation cost or monthly monitoring charges so why not a home automation system that provides an inexpensive solution to home security.

5. Learning experience – Face it, today’s world is headed in the direction of home automation becoming the norm. Technology is here to stay and the more your children learn about upcoming technology the better prepared they are. Having a home automation system will turn your home into a classroom and help your kids get a hands-on learning experience.

6. Something for the whole family – Dad can rest assured that the family is safe, Mom can rely on the home system to keep track of when the kids get home and the kids can wow their friends with the theater system that is automated. A home automation system has something to offer every member of the family and its fun.

Home automation is the wave of the future and the longer you put off having your home automated, the longer you have to go without the amenities such a system offers. . If you have questions about a home automation system schedule an appointment for someone from Architechtronics to come out and show you what they can do. Contact them at 425-202-6120 or visit http://www.architechtronics.com.