I was talking to a friend recently and he told me that he was setting up his house as a Smart Home. I thought that was really cool until he told me why…you see, my friend is doing it….for his dog. Yes, that was my reaction too! For his dog??? Really??? But as it turns out, I did some research and now I understand.

The increasing popularity a home automation system is driven by, among other things, a desire for connectivity and within that the need to keep an eye on things. Home automation research has shown that approximately 44 percent of people are open to the idea of using remote home video monitoring at the very least and totally automation at most. For pet owners these types of systems are proving to be a god-send.

Today pet owners are estimated to spend more than $58 billion on their animals in 2015. The pet industry pulls at the heartstrings of these owners offering the comfort of beloved Fido. Within this group approximately 70 percent of pet parents feel guilty about leaving pets home alone. Whether they are at work and worry about them while on a trip, pet owners do not like leaving their little family members alone or unattended and this is where home automation can help. Home automation geared towards pets are becoming a solution for these predicaments and more.

Home Automation systems can be created with both a dog barking monitor and a runaway dog notice system. The dog barking monitor will measure how loud a dog is barking, allowing users to turn on a webcam in their homes to determine what’s going on. The notification system will let owners know if their dog has strayed beyond the limits of the home and yard.

Another hassle is ensuring that your pet is not tearing up the furniture. That same web cam used in the barking monitor system can also allow an owner to check in on the pet in real time. Believe it or not there is even a way to automate your home so you can let the dog out even though you aren’t there. With one push of a button you open a door allowing the dog to go out and then close it when he returns locking it, once again securing your home.

Home automation really is for everyone including the family pet! Make your life easier and call Architechtronics to come out and show you what they can do today. Contact them at 425-202-6120 or visit http://www.architechtronics.com.