We live in a world of constant change and flux. We are also busier than we have ever been and by the time you get home from work…who wants to walk around the house turning things on…or off? Here at we not only can make your life easier and more controllable but we will do it with Control4.

Control4’s home automation systems is an operating system for the home. The company developed a branded line of products and services to control home lighting, multi-room audio, and HVAC systems that utilize communication protocols such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave. Architechtronics has been installing these systems for some time now and they are always amazed at the Control4 company’s dedication to service and products. Control4 supports more than 8,000 devices from third-party manufacturers, including the Nest smart home thermostat,  CoolMasterNet for seamless integration with VRF & Split HVACs, Sonos music system, and products from Sony and Sub-Zero.

We have a number of clients who enjoy the Control4 system because, as a homeowner, you can control the ventilation in your garage, the music streaming to speakers in multiple rooms, every light, the TV and the thermostat from an iOS or Android device. How cool is that?

On top of all the cool services this system offers, Control4 released its Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP), which makes products embedded with the code automatically discoverable on a Control4 network; no more having to search for the connection. The company then licenses the protocol, which is similar to Universal Plug and Play, to other vendors making installation of the Control4 system even easier.

Today, over 100 developers support SDDP in more than 500 devices, including Panasonic, Dish Network, Bose, TiVo, Epson, Harman Kardon, Denon, Pioneer, Sony, Sharp, and Yamaha. This makes it easy to choose the devices you want and still utilize the Control4 system. Here are some of the things you can enjoy with your Control4 system…

  • Audio/Video – a line of audio and video distribution products for controlling entertainment throughout a home using a centralized source.
  • Lighting – wireless, programmable lighting control systems, controlled by switches, dimmers, keypads and remote devices.
  • HVAC – smart thermostats, compatible with most HVAC systems worldwide and remotely controllable.
  • Touch screens – touch screens, handheld and stationary, that operate as dedicated interfaces for Control4 systems.
  • Remote controls – Remote controls that enable control of an entire smart home system.
  • Controllers – main device connecting and controlling the entire system.
  • Sensors/Relays – motion and light sensors to automatically initiate actions within the system, like turning on the lights when you enter a room.
  • Cameras – security cameras for video intercoms, or “door stations.”

So whether you are looking for security or entertainment the Control4 system has you covered and Architechtronics can install it and teach you how to get the most out of your new system. If you have questions about Control4 or need to schedule an appointment for someone from Architechtronics to come out and show you what they can do contact them at 425-202-6120 or visit