Today seniors face more health issues than ever before. With the Baby Boomers aging rapidly and health care monitoring becoming more and more expensive the next generation is seeking out new ways to take care of mom and dad. Illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and problems with short-term memory or worries about slip and falls dominate the minds of anyone with older parents.

Recently government watchdogs have made privacy and surveillance a growing concern however for seniors it’s becoming a way to maintain their independence. Monitoring technology has certain benefits, especially for older people who may be isolated and want to preserve their autonomy for as long as possible. Today, more than ever, many senior citizens are voluntarily being tracked by their caregivers so they can stay in their homes longer through home monitoring systems. As an alternative to a nursing home seniors are prepared to compromise their privacy by allowing monitoring technology in their homes if it means staying at home.

Architechtronics can install a system that uses a series of cameras and motion sensors placed around a home to monitor seniors. When these sensors and cameras note something out of the ordinary, a text can be sent to the caregiver to alert them something may be wrong. The caregiver can then check on their loved one through cameras or call them to see if there really is an emergency. A monitoring system is an important consideration when monitoring elderly parents and doing so allows a senior’s home to be one of the places they still have control over.

Brett Griffin, owner of Architechtronics says that a monitoring system for mom and dad many be just the answer you are looking for. “A good monitoring system doesn’t have a lot of day-to-day impact on a person. If you can constantly check up on your senior parents you can visualize when they start changing their behaviors and perhaps be better alerted to possible oncoming issues.”

Installing a home monitoring system could be the answer to your worrying about mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. Call and schedule an appointment for someone from Architechtronics to come out and show you what they can do. Contact them at 425-202-6120 or visit