Let’s be honest, going to the movies these days is expensive. Over $10 per person to get in, popcorn and sodas, another $15, want snacks… add $10 more, even a bottle of water will cost you $5. This coupled with convenience and comfort is one of the many reasons that families see value an automated their home entertainment systems.

Your home theater experience can be more than a TV with surround sound. Today a home theater system coupled with a Control4 will allow you to create a movie theater atmosphere right in your own home. Turn the lights off, turn on the surround sound and start the movie all with the touch of a button while sitting in the most comfortable chair in the house.

Architechtronics can help you connect new and existing equipment to Control4, allowing you to easily access your whole entertainment systems (and even your lights if you choose!), allowing you full control of your home. Imagine having friends and family over for a movie night, getting everyone settled and then simply pushing one button to begin their movie theater experience!